• We are the preferred on-site agent and can more readily meet the needs of our Owners and Guests. Having full access to Hilton's 24 hour security and maintenance services, we can deal with any problems that may arise in quick and timely fashion. 

  • The units in the pool are managed by Hilton and are advertised under the Hilton Global Brand. Your guests can check in with reception and can use the many services provided by Hilton to their guests and owners. External Agents who manage units in the complex are not legally permitted to advertise under the Hilton Brand.

  • The units are regularly maintained and kept at the Hilton Brand Standard. This means that the units are better presented and more likely to retain their value. External agents do not maintain their properties to the same level which can, over time, significantly reduce the investment and sale value of the unit. 

  • The units are pooled with others of the same standard / category and therefore even when your particular unit is empty or out of order for a short time due to maintenance, you will still receive the same return as other owners in the pool. Most external agents do not operate under a pooled system and we are aware of the returns that they "promise". Owners should be aware that in a non-pooled scheme it is very easy for these agents to direct revenue to a particular unit in the short term but to then neglect it in the long term as the agent services more recent investors.  

  • We find that many of the security issues that we have experienced in the building relate to units managed by external agents. 

  • We pay the Electricity and Contents Insurance on behalf of our owners in the Short Term Letting Pool. This means that the owner does not need to worry about making these payments and avoids potential non-payment issues when the owner is away on holiday. We regularly receive disconnection notices for properties managed by external agents due to outstanding accounts.

  • All over the Owner and Guest experience alike is far better with a unit in the Short Term Letting Pool under the Hilton brand. You have direct access to Hiltons additional services which include on-site Management, Engineering, Housekeeping and Security. 

  • With Hilton's Short Term Pooled Income Scheme all usual costs are paid on behalf of the owners and they are then only required to pay two accounts separately which are their Ernst Body Corporate Levies and Gold Coast City Council Rates (GCCC). 

  • There are few external agents promising high return figures but seldom do they reach these figures and often there are long lists of fees & charges that are not factored in and not discussed with the owners. We've had a few instances where owners have trialled outside agencies and have sadly had quite negative experiences, not only with their returns but also with the state of the apartment being let go. Owners have then incurred costs to get their apartment back to standard. 

  • Hilton managed apartments (3113 Surfers Paradise) are very well maintained and owners can be assured that their investment is well taken care of. Hilton ensure that apartments enter the pool at a 5 Star Standard that meets the Hilton Global Brand.  

  • For all Short Term Letting enquiries please contact owners@3113sp.com.au 


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