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Benefits of Hilton Surfers Paradise Letting Pool

Earn Income EVERY Night

The Hilton Holiday Pool is structured around a Pooled Income Scheme where income is accumulated between categories and distributed fairly by entitlements. This means you receive income for EVERY night your unit is in the letting pool, even if it’s not occupied, out of order for maintenance repairs or the annual Perfect Room Clean rejuvenation.

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Property Upkeep

One of the many benefits of having the maintenance fund is no additional fee to owners which includes all maintenance repairs, appliance replacements and annual room rejuvenation (perfect room clean). As an example, replacing a dishwasher (valued at $970) or replacing refrigerator (valued at $1,053) or repairing faulty actuator in the air conditioner unit (valued at $518). The repairs and replacements are covered in the 3% maintenance fund fee. This overall level of consistency will add value to your investment property.

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Owners Stay Executive Lounge Access

Exclusively offered to 3113 Hilton Letting Pool owners is the use to the Executive Lounge on level 2 during your owner's stay at the Hilton Surfers Paradise. The Executive Lounge offers hot breakfast, light afternoon tea and drinks/canapes in the evening. Opening hours is 6am-8pm daily for your enjoyment.
(This is non transferrable and only valid for the owners during owners stay - not offered to family and friends)

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Insurance Cover

With 3113 your mind will be at ease as your apartment will be 100% covered in the event of an insurance claim including  the insurance excess fee.

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Maintenance Fund

Our proactive approach ensures your apartment is always consistent with the Hilton brand and standards. Resolving any maintenance issues promptly and efficiently due to having all trades inhouse . With each individual owner having their own maintenance fund, delays are avoided by attending to repairs and maintenance issues promptly. The maintenance fund is not a "slush fund" or pooled fund with other owners. This means should you sell or exit the letting pool, the monies in your maintenance fund will be refunded to you.

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Furniture Packages

Exclusively offered to Hilton Letting Pool owners is wholesale price for all new furniture packages for Hilton Letting Pool rooms.

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